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      熱門搜索︰ 里菜  井川利于  井川魚里搞雞  CM450HA  名駒  STM32L062K8T6  


      品牌︰FUJI FUJI
      備注︰100%原裝進口(original in stock)

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      明佳達各類功率模塊,二極管整流模塊,晶閘管模塊,低壓場效應模塊,中-高壓絕緣柵雙級晶體管模塊,智能功率模塊等等。三菱,英飛凌,富士電機,西門康,功率器件在工業,電氣化鐵道,辦公自動化,家電產品等多種領域的電力控制及電動機控制中得到廣泛應用。深圳明佳達電子,位于著名的深圳華強北電子商業圈內,專注于國際著名品牌模塊IGBT,IPM,PIM,GTR,可控 與英飛凌電源IC,IGBT單管以及場效應,可控 ,功率二三極管,在亞太地區的代理銷售和推廣。以其直接貨源,多樣產品為特色,大量現貨供應,全新原裝正品,真正滿足中國地區的客戶需求。本公司擁有專業配單員工,可以幫助廠方配置各種電子元件單,采購方案,為廠家爭取最大的利潤空間。同時,利用我司銷售多年電子元件的經驗.徹底的解決假貨,翻新貨的困擾。為廠家提供保證的正品原器件,保障廠家產品的質量。由于客戶采購批量與樣品的價格不同,網上無法統一注明,請您把采購型號通過郵件或客服QQ:401799895發給我們,也可以撥打明佳達國內銷售部電話︰0755-83957301,由客服人員為您報價;有時元件廠商價格稍許變動,本公司未能及時調整,如您覺得售價稍高,請與我們說明並適當議價;感謝支持!

      MJD is a corporation which engaged in agency electronic components. MJD Through seventeen years unrimitting efforts,  aspire to provide our customers with world-leading products and service. Now already became a one of the most famous electronic components distributor in China.


      We support the following payment methods:

       1. Paypal

       2. Western Union 

       3. Bank Wire (TT)

       4. MoneyGram


      1. MJD needs about 3 BUSINESS DAY to handle the order after received payment. after receiving your payment. Otherwise, we will state it in the invoice in advance.


      2. MJD can Ship via your shipping account (DHL / FEDEX / UPS / TNT or others) as your instruction. Or Ship via our shipping account (We have a very good relationship with DHL and FEDEX with very special freight).


      3. Regarding the declared value on the package for customs clearance, we are pleased to follow


      your wishes, just feel free to inform us when ordering.

      4. Any import fees or charges are the buyer's responsibility.


      We offer a warranty on all items that we sold. Item will be tested before ship,it will be in good condition,if there are some problems with the item,feel free to contact us.

      Please Email us to notify a defective item. Unless otherwise specified, this item comes with 30 days warranty from the shipment date.

      You must contact us before returning any product. All returns must be made within 30 days from this shipment date.Return must be in new condition(the SAME CONDITION as it was sent to you).

      Because of wholesale price is different from sample price, our website can not state. Please send your required part number via email Sales@szmjd.com or hotmail: mingjiada8@hotmail.com to us.  As well as welcome you call us : 0755-83957301  We will send offer for you;  Sometimes manufacturer's price is unstable, so we don't adjust price in time. if you feel price is a little high for you, just feel free to contact us for consultation. Thank you for your support !

      型號 品牌 批號 封裝 數量 備注 資料
       1DI200E-055  FUJI  13+  MODULE  1100  100%原裝進口(original in stock)
       1DI300X-120  FUJI  13+  MODULE  1200  100%原裝進口(original in stock)
       1DI30A-060  FUJI  13+ROHS  IGBT  8521  100% brand new and original(100%全新原裝)
       1DI300Z-120-05  FUJI  13+ROHS  IGBT  4562  100% brand new and original (100% 全新原裝)
       1DI400MN-120-04  FUJI  13+ROHS  IGBT  5847   100% brand new and original (100% 全新原裝)
       1DI400MP-120-04  FUJI  13+ROHS  IGBT  5263  100% brand new and original (100% 全新原裝)
       1DI400MN-120  Fuji  13+  IGBT Module  59888  100% brand new and original(100%全新原裝)
       1DI50A-060  FUJI  13+RoHS  IGBT MODULE  324  全新原裝正品現貨(New and original in stock)
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